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And the rest is history.....


The present hall celebrated it's 25th anniversary on May 7, 2011.

Why isn't it called Chedderville Community Hall?

The original site of Dovercourt Hall was about one mile East and a little more than one mile north of the present location, with access by dirt road. In it's day Dovercourt Hall boasted weekly Saturday nite dances that drew people from a large area, if it wasn't raining too hard.....

At one time in history Dovercourt area had a Post Office located about a mile east of the hall.

A country school stood on the present site of the Dovercourt Community Hall. ....and another school (Chedderville) about two miles west. Highway 22 was an all weather gravel road.

Anyone with more history and pictures to share please contact Brenda Cooke 403.846.3662 or

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