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Weekend Rental - Friday to Sunday (Kitchen Included in Rental)

Weddings & Family Reunions

Weekend Rental - Friday to Sunday (Kitchen Included in Rental)

Friday, the Renter can gain entry at noon (unless otherwise agreed upon or unless Friday was already previously rented).

Decorating must not result in any damage to the facility. There is to be no tacks, tape, nails etc. used on the walls. There is to be nothing attached to ceiling tiles. Absolutely no confetti or similar material is to be used in the facility.

There shall be NO USE of wicked candles, FLAME LESS CANDLES ONLY.

All persons must be out by 2:00 am, no exceptions.

Decorations, possessions, food, alcohol, and gifts must be cleaned up Sunday by 10:30am unless it conflicts with another event that has been previously booked (unless otherwise agreed upon). (If another event has been booked then decorations, possessions, food, alcohol, and gifts must be out by 2:00 am)

If the Renter would like to extend the exit time on Sunday, at the time of booking, may pay an additional fee for a gift opening/breakfast for 3 hours. Exit time would be extended to 1:30 pm if no conflicting previous event has been booked (This must be booked the day the contract is signed). $150.00+ GST

The Renter may use the yard for vehicle parking. Trailers or Motor Homes may be parked on the grassy areas of the ball diamond, not parking permitted on the shale area of the diamond. Camping is permitted, but no open fires are permitted unless contained in the fire ring supplied. No fires on the ball diamond.

Dogs are allowed on premises with the exception of the hall, unless it is a medical dog. If dogs are in camping area it is your responsibility to clean up after them.

Smoking Policy: There is no smoking of tobacco or cannabis products inside any buildings on the property. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, at least 5 metres from a doorway, window or air intake. It is the responsibility of the Renter to ensure that this is complied with.

Renters must return the hall to the bingo table format of table and chairs unless other agreement has been made. The kitchen must be put back to how it was and the outside area must be picked up of garbage.

If you are having Fireworks a permit must be obtained and a copy given to the hall.

If Alcohol will be present at this Event the following rules will apply:

Dovercourt Community Hall will supply bartenders (it is your responsibility to pay them separately from your rental cost, prior to their service). Minimum of 2 bartenders are required for up to 200 guests; over 200 guests you need 3 bartenders. The bartenders reserve the right to request ID of any individual(s) and if not presented will refuse to serve the individual(s). No one is allowed to give liquor to minors and if caught doing so will be asked to leave. If you are having a cash bar the individual selling tickets must be 18 years of age or older. The Renter is responsible for the entire bar supplies (liquor, glasses & mix) (hall provides ice) and liquor license. The liquor license must be posted prior to any liquor being sold. NO liquor will be served past 1:00 am and all drinks must be consumed by 2 am. No exceptions. Bartenders are not responsible for floats, handling of money or ticket sales. Bartenders to be paid separately @ $125/each prior to function (8 hours 6:00 pm - Bar set up, Bar service 6:30 pm - 1:00 am for last call, Hall closure 2:00 am. If Service is required earlier an additional $15.00 per hour per bartender must be paid)

Mandatory Insurance coverage: If there will be liquor at your function, the County of Clearwater requires that you obtain Party Alcohol Liability (P.A.L) Insurance. You must ask your insurance company to name the County of Clearwater and the Dovercourt Community Hall as additionally insured (no additional cost to you). YOU MUST provide the Dovercourt Community Hall with a copy of this insurance. Minimum 2,000,000.00 Liability Coverage is necessary.

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