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Rental Options

Day Rental (up to 8 hours, Includes Kitchen) $350+GST

Meetings, Meals, Family Celebrations, etc.

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Half Day Rental (up to 6 hours, Includes Kitchen) $275+GST

Includes the use of our fully equipped commercial kitchen. Does not include any kitchen staples (salt/pepper, tin foil, etc)

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Kitchen ONLY Rental is $200+GST

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Meetings, Funerals, Showers etc. (up to 3 hours) $150+GST

Kitchen not included with 3 hour rental, if kitchen is required please book separately $100.

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Upon booking the hall, the renter will be required to pay the following to Dovercourt Hall:
- $100 non-refundable booking fee
- $200 damage deposit and
- $325 holding fee (which is half of the rent)
- $16.25 gst for a total of $641.25 upon booking

On or before the event date the remainder of the rent $341.25 ($325 + $16.25 GST) is due.

The damage deposit of $200 will be refunded 45 days after your event if no damage is found, no items are missing and the renter’s cheque has cleared the bank. If the renter cancels the booking 90 days or less from the event date, the damage deposit of $200 is returned. If the hall can be re-rented for that date, you will be refunded $325.00+GST; if it is not rebooked, the holding fee ($325.00+GST) is retained by the hall.

The cost to rent the hall:
Non Refundable Booking Fee     $ 100.00
Damage Deposit                              $ 200.00
Holding Fee                                        $ 325.00
Rent                                                       $ 325.00
GST                                                          $ 32.50
Total                                                      $ 982.50

Refundable Damage Deposit      $200.00-

                                                                $ 782.50 Total

Projector available to rent for an additional $75.00 + GST per event

Any questions please contact the Booking Manager.

Weekend Rental - Friday to Sunday (Kitchen Included in Rental)

Weddings & Family Reunions

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